What in the World is Symmetrix™?

It’s the look of tile on large, easy-to-install panels. Symmetrix™ is a smooth, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panel, grooved with state-of-the-art CNC equipment to replicate ceramic tile. A Sani-coat sealer produces a durable surface and high-quality appearance.

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Symmetrix™ FRP with SmartSeam


Smokin’ New Designs!

Cool new looks that are sure to be hot.

Hidden Joints

Hidden Joints!

These joints are harder to spot than a speakeasy.

Fast Install

Lightning-Fast Installation!

Flash! No more division molding or silicone seams

Symmetrix™ FRP


All the look of tile, without the headaches!

Symmetrix FRP Stocked Finishes
The Sky is the Limit
Customer Finish Option
Logos On Tile
Subtle Changes
  • Resists staining, scratching, mold and mildew and won't crack or deteriorate like ceramic tile grout lines.
  • Provides outstanding impact resistance due to fiberglass core.
  • Costs less installed than most ceramic tile.
  • Wipes clean easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  • Meets USDA/FSIS requirements.
  • Available in Class III/C Fire-rating.

Easy Peasy.

Installs in hours, not days over nearly any surface including existing tile.



Fiberglass core provides serious impact resistance


Tough Stuff.

Won’t crack like ceramic tile grout, resists stains, mold, and mildew.


Wipe and Go.

Sani-Coat sealer makes entire surface easy to clean.


Standard Symmetrix

Panel Dimension -

4' X 8' X 3/32"

4' X 10' X 3/32" (select finishes)

Symmetrix with SmartSeam

4' x 4' x 3/32" (nominal) - Interlocking Designs

4' x 8' x 3/32" (nominal) 3/32"

Marlites Innovative Sani-Coat topcoat seals the groove of each Symmetrix Panel offering several advantages over ceramic tile grout lines.
  • Protects against mold and mildew growth.
  • Is easy to clean, requiring no brushing or scrubbing.
  • Won’t deteriorate due to moisture or dirt.
  • Possesses the same outstanding stain resistance as the panel face.
  • Won’t crack.
  • Not intended for excessive moisture areas such as showers and car washes.
  • The same trim pieces are utilized for both Standard Symmetrix as well as Symmetrix with SmartSeam. Symmetrix™ SmartSeam panels are specifically engineered to not require the use of division moldings.

    Symmetrix™ FRP Panels are part of a complete system, including trim and base molding, outside cornerguards, adhesices, and silicone sealants.

    PVC Trim

    Length - 8' and 10’
    Material - Extruded PVC with integral color.
    M360 Outside Corner M360
    Outside Corner
    M350 Inside Corner M350
    Inside Corner
    M370 Edge M370
    M365 Division M365
    (not needed for SmartSeam Panels)
    V177 135° Inside Corner V177 135°
    Inside Corner
    V179 135° Outside Corner V179 135°
    Outside Corner
    V65 Base Cove 3" V65 Base Cove 3"

    Base Molding and Corner Guards

    Base Molding
    Length - 4” wide x 10’ long
    Colors - P200 Black P203 Quarry Red
    Material - Rigid extruded PVC
    Base Molding M612 Base M612
    Corner Guard
    M 660 Outside Corner M 660 Outside Corner
    M 651 Inside Corner M 651 Inside Corner
    End Caps M 625 RH End Cap & M 620 LH End Cap End Caps
    M 625 RH End Cap
    M 620 LH End Cap
    Butt Joint Connector Included with Base Molding strips Butt Joint Connector
    Included with Base
    Molding Strips
    Length - 8’ and 10’ long
    Colors - Most standard Marlite FRP Colors
    White, Natural Almond, Ivory*,
    Silver*, Light Grey*
    Material - Stainless Steel
    or Rigid Extruded PVC
    * denotes 10’ length only
    M 961 PVC Outside Corner Guard M 961
    PVC Outside
    Corner Guard
    3/4” Drive Rivets
    Amount - 100 per pack
    Colors - P100 White, P118 Almond
    Material - Rigid Extruded PVC
    E 560SS Stainless Corner Guard
    Simplified Installation
    FRP panels install easily and in a fraction of the installation time of ceramic tile.
    C-915 Adhesive-Size - 3.5 gallon can
    Adv Polymer Panel Adhesive-Size - 3.5 gallon can
    C-551 Adhesive-Size - 3.5 gallon can
    MS-250 Clear Size - 10 oz. cartridge
    MS-251 White Size - 10 oz. cartridge
    Color Matched Size - 10 oz. cartridge
    Trowel Size - 3/16” W x 1/4” D x 1/2” C-C notch
    CutPanels FRP Panels can be easily
    cut with shears or a
    carbide tip saw.
    Marlite Brand Adhesive Apply Marlite Brand Adhesive
    to the back of panels and
    apply them to a subwall.
    Marlite Brand Adhesive In Buckets

    Symmetrix™ with Smart Seam

    Installation: 1,2,3, then free!

    FRP Panels can be easily cut with a table saw.
    Marlite Brand Adhesive
    Apply Marlite brand adhesive to the back of the panel.
    Straight Edge
    Apply Panels to a prepared subwall
    Free! Enjoy the time you have left over.

    SmartSeam with Fingerlock Install.

    FRP Panels can be easily cut with a table saw.
    Marlite Brand Adhesive
    Apply Marlite brand adhesive to the back of the panel.
    Create “swirl” patterns on the fingerlock joints.
    Fingerlock Edge
    Align the fingerlock joints and press panel to the wall.
    Enjoy a seamless tile look wall that’s tough to tell from real ceramic tile.
    Division Molding Installation
    For wet environments, sealant is required in molding channels.
    Installation Instructions 1 Adhere panel to subwall.
    Installation Instructions 2 Slide division molding
    under edge of first panel.
    Installation Instructions 3 Staple division molding to
    subwall along revealed
    Installation Instructions 4 Adhere second panel in
    place and repeat.
    Seam Joint Installation
    Contact Marlite for complete instructions.
    Installation Instructions 1 Place a 6 penny
    spacing nail between
    Installation Instructions 2 After adhesive dries
    one hour, remove nail
    and protect face with
    Installation Instructions 3 Place a bead of
    harmonizing sealant in
    the gap.
    Installation Instructions 4 Using your finger,
    place a slight
    indentation in the gap.
    Installation Instructions 5 Remove tape to
    reveal a grooved and
    matched seam joint.