Sieva is a durable High Pressure Laminate (HPL) wall system using 7/16” panels for a stable and secure installation. Four different reveal options and multiple panel sizes and configurations provide the template for artistic wall design, easily and affordably.

  • Attractive and durable wall panels are ideal for heavy traffic commercial areas.
  • Pre-engineered reveals make installation quick and easy. Panels may contain kerfs on one or more sides.
  • HPL finishes used in conjunction with battens provide a tough, easy to clean surface.
  • Multiple fire-rating classifications meet the most stringent requirements for public spaces.
Panel Sizes -
Any panel size smaller than maximum 4’ x 10’. Panels can be fabricated at the factory or the job site.

Panel Thickness -

Panel Construction -
HPL face, MDF core, balancing backer

Ratings -
UL Listed Class A, Class A, Class B, Class C
Hidden (CP-3)
1/16" Hidden (CP-3)

Hidden (CP-3) Smart
Retro (CP-6)

1/16" Slim (CP-6)

Slim (CP-6) Smart
Retro (CP-4)

3/4" Retro (CP-4)

Retro (CP-4) Smart
CP-3 1/16 Hidden Reveal (Black only)

CP-3 1/16" Hidden Reveal
(Black only)

CP-6 1/8 Slim Reveal

CP-6 1/16" Slim Reveal

CP-4 3/4 Retro Reveal

CP-4 3/4" Retro Reveal

CP-7 Bold Insert Reveal

CP-7 Bold Insert Reveal

CP-270 Edge Cap Molding

Edge Cap Molding

CP-280 Edge/Inside Corner

Edge/Inside Corner

CP-90 O/C Base and Cap

CP-90 90° O/C Base
and Cap

NOTE: All trim available in 10' length.
Installation Instructions 1

Attach the CP-280 Edge at bottom of installation and perimeter trim.

Installation Instructions 2

Using adhesive, install the panels and reveal.

Installation Instructions 3

Secure the panels and add horizontal reveal.

Installation Instructions 4

Add panels and reveal hardware and trim.

Installation Instructions 5

Create the finely detailed look of custom millwork.