Translucent Finishes For use with Myriad Wall System

Decorative Glass, translucent acrylic or resin panels complete the Myriad Design. Choose from your favorite supplier and we will ship the panels in the proprietary Myriad framing system ready for installation.

Translucent Panel products

40% recycled content, encapsulates translucent color, organic materials, sheer textiles and embossed textures within translucent panels.

LuxCore offers an endless selection of designs that are ultra rigid and abrasion resistant. Lowest industry price with no minimums.

The superior toughness is the result of reinforcement by a strong web of glass fibers.In designer panels the fibers are deliberately visible, lending a "silken cobweb" effect.

Chrysalis HD is inspired by the clean design of architectural glass, allowing your project to make maximum use of natural environmental light.

Choose your own graphics or let Marlite source your art. Simply submit your high resolution files to create a stunning wall of art.

Relevant Products

Myriad wall panel systems, available in unlimited colors, finishes and textures