Persistent progress for our good earth

Marlite’s environmental policy is at the center of our thinking and isevident everywhere – in our partnerships, in our processes and in our progress. Marlite is committed to the principles promoted by FSC® of environmentally, socially and economically appropriate management of forests.


Marlite is…
• Selecting vendors who share our objective of engaging in environmentally responsible practices.


Marlite is…
• Converting to water-based adhesives and top coats with low emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
• Using only hazardous air pollutant (HAPS) compliant coatings.
• Recycling saw dust produced in the manufacturing process.
• Reclaiming all solvents used in manufacturing.
• Recycling cardboard, clear plastic and paper used in our offices.
• Driving hybrid vehicles for company transportation.


Marlite is…
• Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified.
• Offering products that qualify for LEED credits to ensure sustainability in interior design.

LEED Credit Documentation

Veneer Responsibility