Surface Systems

A contemporary modular wall panel system featuring 3/4” thick panels that are easily attached to a subwall using Marlite’s clip application system. Surface System MAP (Mechanically Applied Panels) System provides the most effective means of applying a wide range of natural materials and faux finishes to flat and radius walls.


Wood Veneer
Marlite furniture quality veneer for every wall mood and interior function.

Azure™ Woods
Imaging process captures the realism of veneer without the environmental impact.

Diversity of color and pattern make these slates an attractive choice for wall design.

Metal Veneer
Metal veneers enhance walls with durable, easy-to-clean finishes.

Marlite Finish
Diverse selection of woodgrains and abstracts that are easy to maintain.

High Pressure Laminate
Choose a high pressure laminate from any of the major brands.

Select fabric from any of the major suppliers to create coordinating walls.

Graphic Wall panels
Custom Graphics and Photo Murals complete your creative vision.

Alternative System Options

Wall system for curved wall applications.

Ultra-Durable Wall Panel System

Thin panels for easy installation.