Beautiful laminates applied to an FRP core for superior durability for Induro FRP Wall Panels SaniSEAL™ Trim featuring functionally seamless design.

Induro FRP

Induro™ Decorative Laminate FRP is an exceptionally wear resistant panel created through an exclusive process of thermally bonding impregnated surfacing materials directly to a fiberglass core. SaniSEAL™ Patent-Pending Dual Seal Technology seals trim-to-panel contact points reducing moisture and the potential for penetrating bacteria, viruses and other agents causing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

Exclusive Panel Construction

The exclusive process
of thermally bonding melamine
impregnated surface materials
directly to the FRP core
makes a beautiful balanced panel.

functionally seamless wall panels
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health care design
wall protection
designer FRP
laminate FRP

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